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Seminario: Numerical Simulation of Large Scrambling Quantum Circuits


AULA Virtuale B: https://zoom.us/my/aula.b

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Mercoledì' 1 dicembre Aula B 14.30

Title: Numerical Simulation of Large Scrambling Quantum Circuits

Speaker: Salvatore Mandrà

Abstract: Quantum computing is a fascinating and fast pacing field that
exploits quantum effects to potentially outperform classical computation.
Thanks to the many technological advances, companies such as Google and
IBM are now able to manufacture quantum devices with an increasing number
of qubits, with the promise to have a full-blown quantum computer
available within the next few decades.

In the first part of my presentation, I will introduce the basic concepts
of quantum computing tailored for a non-technical audience while, in the
second part, I will discuss our latest numerical and experimental results
regarding the simulation of out-of-time-order correlators (OTOC) on the
53-qubit Sycamore@Google quantum computer [Science 2021, in press].

01 dicembre 2021
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