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Seminario di Dipartimento virtuale: Applications of pair distribution function (PDF) analysis to functional materials and nanomaterials

17 dicembre 2020 ore 16 in Aula virtuale Caldirola.

Il titolo del seminario è:
"Applications of pair distribution function (PDF) analysis to functional materials and nanomaterials"

Link aula virtuale: https://zoom.us/my/aula.caldirola
Password: E=mc2
oppure https://fisica-unimi.zoom.us/my/aula.caldirola?pwd=Y3NaRG1iYUVRRGJXaXZwUVlKcXRuQT09

The fascinating physical properties of functional crystalline materials are strictly linked to symmetry and/or compositional inhomogeneities at the nanoscale and sometimes at even larger length scales, caused by high defect concentrations and/or strong electron correlation and/or structural reconstruction at the surface of nanoparticles. Therefore, a meaningful structural characterisation should encompass short-, medium, and long range investigations.
The so-called Pair Distribution Function (PDF), that is the real space analysis of diffraction data, is emerging as a powerful technique to achieve a complete and accurate structural picture at all the length scales.
In this friendly talk, after an introduction to the technique, I will present some applications of PDF to material science cases.
Examples will include i) highly defective oxides, where defect clusters hierarchically self-organise into nanodomains; ii) nanomaterials; iii) perovskite oxides displaying symmetry breaks at the local scale.


17 dicembre 2020
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