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Seminario di Dipartimento: Bringing Holography to the Earth

21/03/2019 at 15:00
Aula Consiglio, Dipartimento di Fisica
Bringing Holography to the Earth        
Dr. Matteo Baggioli   
Institute of Theoretical Physics, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain
This talk is intended to be a pedagogical review of string theory inspired holographic methods for condensed matter known as AdS-CMT. I will present the fundamental pillars of the tool and I will motivate why these methods could be useful for low energy condensed matter systems. I will describe some of the major successes of the framework which can be provocatively thought as the (few for the moment) predictions of string theory. I will discuss in more details the formulation of the
duality in terms of weakly coupled gravitational theories where no stringy objects are involved. I will then proceed showing as an exercise how to compute the electric conductivity in holography systems
which break translational invariance. Finally I will comment on the status of the field and on more recent and intriguing connections with diverse physics areas. No prior knowledge of String Theory or AdS-CFT is required. Genuine curiosity is required due to the high level of interdisciplinarity of the topic.

Silvia Leoni

21 marzo 2019
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