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Seminario di Dipartimento: Braiding properties of worldline configurations in hardcore lattice bosons


Physics Department seminar
Aula Consiglio
in presence and streaming
22 Giugno 2023 – 15:00
Barbara Capogrosso Sansone
Physics Department, Clark University (Worcester, MA, USA)

Braiding properties of worldline configurations in hardcore lattice bosons

In this talk, we discuss braiding properties of worldline configurations for a variety of ground-states of
hardcore Bose-Hubbard models in two dimensions. Configurations are collections of particle paths and
result from the path-integral formulation of statistical mechanics. For hard-core bosons, configurations can be seen as geometric braids and therefore assigned a certain topological structure, i.e. a way to classify braiding events among worldlines. By means of Monte Carlo calculations, we study superfluid phase and a variety of insulating phases, and observe that distinct topological structures correspond to ground-states of different quantum phases. Interestingly, by their very nature, configurations can be interpreted as graphic visualizations of the interplay between kinetic and interaction energies, or equivalently, as a visualization of the generation of quantum fluctuations. The cooperation of quantum fluctuations determines ground state properties and entanglement. Can one expect that correlations among intertwining worldlines reflect properties of ground state such as the structure of the multipartite entanglement among spatial modes? In this talk we provide preliminary results which seem to support this expectation

Students are cordially invited

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22 giugno 2023
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