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Seminar: Cumulant-expansions-based equations for open quantum systems


The Pure and Applied Quantum Mechanics Group announces the upcoming virtual seminar by Antonio Mandarino (Gdánsk University) on open quantum systems.

When: Tuesday, July 6-th 2021, 15:30

Where: Virtual Room: Aula X

Speaker: Antonio Mandarino, International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies, University of Gdánsk,Poland

Title: Cumulant-expansions-based equations for open quantum systems.

We introduce a dynamical equation for open quantum systems that works in the whole time range.
In fact, the famous Davies-GKSL Markovian master equation is tremendously successful to describe the evolution of open quantum systems in terms of just a few parameters.
However, Davies equation fails to describe time scales short enough, i.e., comparable to the inverse of differences of frequencies present in the system of interest.
A complementary approach that works well for short times but is not suitable after this short interval is known as the local master equation.
Anyway, both the approaches do not allow to have any faithful dynamics in the intermediate time period between the very beginning of the evolution and the reaching the steady-state.
Our key insight is proper regularizations of the refined weak coupling equation.

The evolution is still non-Markovian - as it must be if it is to work all time scales and without problems related to the choice of a cutoff frequency.

Contact: Dario Tamascelli dario.tamascelli@unimi.it


06 luglio 2021
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