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Seminario di Dipartimento - Underground nuclear astrophysics and the LUNA experiment


Physics Department seminar

Aula Consiglio
13 NOVEMBRE, 2019 – 16:30
Rosanna Depalo
Università di Padova e INFN Padova
Underground nuclear astrophysics and the LUNA experiment

The cross sections of nuclear reactions relevant for astrophysics are crucial ingredients to understand the energy generation inside stars and the synthesis of the elements. In stars, nuclear reactions take place at energies well below the Coulomb barrier. As a result, their cross sections are often too small to be measured in laboratories on the Earth’s surface, where the signal would be overwhelmed by the cosmic-ray induced background.
An effective way to suppress the cosmic-ray induced background is to perform experiments in underground laboratories. The Laboratory for Underground Nuclear Astrophysics (LUNA) is a unique facility located deep underground at Gran Sasso National Laboratories (Italy). The extremely low background achieved at LUNA allows to measure nuclear cross sections directly at the energies of astrophysical interest.
Over the years, many crucial reactions involved in stellar hydrogen burning as well as Big Bang Nucleosynthesis have been measured at LUNA. The presentation will provide an overview on underground nuclear astrophysics and discuss the latest results and future perspectives of the LUNA experiment.

Students are cordially invited
Contact: silvia.leoni@mi.infn.it




13 novembre 2019
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