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Seminario di Dipartimento: The near and remote Universe. The 2019 Nobel prize in Physics to Mayor, Queloz and Peebles.

Physics Department seminar
Aula Consiglio
13 DICEMBRE, 2019 – 14:30
Daniele Mennella e Giuseppe Lodato
University of Milano

The near and remote Universe. The 2019 Nobel prize in Physics to Mayor, Queloz and Peebles.

Students are cordially invited

Contact: silvia.leoni@mi.infn.it

The Universe is a photo album that unrolls in space and time and tells us its story. When we observe nearby objects we learn about the cosmos after billions of year of evolution, which have lead also to that mystery we call life. Distant objects tell about more and more remote epochs till the moment when the universe ceased to be a plasma and set out towards maturity.
The 2019 Nobel prize in Physics awarded to Mayor, Queloz and Peebles, is a perfect summary of this wonderful side of nature, which discloses to our eyes also it its history.
In 1964 Peebles was a young researcher in Princeton when Penzias and Wilson discovered the cosmic microwave background. At that time he contributed to set the foundations of what is nowadays the standard model of the universe evolution. In the following years Peebles pioneered the developments in cosmology, providing key contributions to our understanding of the cosmos.
SInce 1995, the year when Michel Mayor e Didier Queloz identified the first extra-solar planet orbiting the 51 Peg star, we have discovered more than 4000 extra-solar planets, some of them in their infancy.
These discoveries are still revolutionizing our ideas about the formation of planets and, in particular, on the origin of our very home: the Earth.


13 dicembre 2019
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