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Seminario di Dipartimento: “Gamma-ray tracking with AGATA: A new perspective for spectroscopy at radioactive ion beam facilities”

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17 Marzo 2020 – 15:30
Peter Reiter
University of Cologne, Germany
Gamma-ray tracking with AGATA: a new perspective for spectroscopy at radioactive ion beam facilities

The Advanced GAmma Tracking Array is a next generation high-resolution gamma-ray spectrometer for nuclear structure studies based on the novel method of g-ray tracking.
It is built from a novel type of high-fold segmented germanium detectors which will operate in position-sensitive mode by employing digital electronics and pulse-shape
decomposition algorithms.
The unique combination of highest detection efficiency and position sensitivity allows sensitive spectroscopy studies with unstable beams of lowest intensity.
The first implementation of the array consisted of five AGATA modules; it was operated at INFN Legnaro.
A larger array of AGATA modules was used at GSI for experiments with unstable ion beams at relativistic energies.
At the moment the spectrometer is hosted by GANIL.
In future AGATA will be employed at the leading infrastructures for nuclear structure studies in Europe.
The presentation will illustrate the potential of g-ray tracking by physics cases from the different exploitation sites. Perspectives and opportunities for future RIB facilities
given by the new spectrometer will be discussed.


Students are cordially invited
Contact: silvia.leoni@mi.infn.it


17 marzo 2020
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